• me when i eat fruits: i'm so fucking healthy

There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind

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Niñas de 16 de Fiesta en fiesta y yo de 20, pues… aquí en Tumblr…
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Eden Muñoz.


Talk to me 💀
Y te llevo al baile de tu preferencia💃 y despues nos vamos por unos tacos.. No se piensaloo

Black is beautiful


And I don’t think us black women hear that enough . So I just felt in my heart I should express to every single one of you who let’s society make you feel like your not pretty enough because your skin is darker and your hair isn’t as curly that you too are beautiful . We were all made to…

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Santa Fe, New Mexico 2014

the difference between tattoed people and not tattoed people is….
😔 it could have been different, we could have said said other things, and treated each other better. Maybe we could have still been together.
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